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  1. Thanks for the clarification guys. Just one more thing-- does the 'total funding' for NPSIA only show the first year's funding? Or is it for both years?
  2. Hey does anyone know when the deadline for accepting the NPSIA offer is? Or is there no actual "expiration"? Because when I called uOttawa about their acceptance deadline they said that admission offers don't really expire- you just need to accept before the term starts.
  3. Does anyone know how the full-term microeconomics and macroeconomics courses compare to the remedial courses over the summer in terms of cost and work load?
  4. Thanks for your advice! It makes sense. Do you know if international internships on a graduate level serve as a good bridge to international work? I completed an international internship as an undergrad and so far it has been good for my resume but it hasn't been any easier to find the kind of work I want I was also speaking to someone who said International work is very difficult to land as a graduate student without experience, and who was encouraging me to go to NPSIA instead (since 90% of NPSIA grads land public service jobs after, and public service is apparently a good avenue towards international work). They framed as a stability vs. adventurousness sort of thing. It was a very pessimistic tone, and I'm not sure if I should buy into it, but I guess that's also something I'll have to consider
  5. Thanks a lot! that was pretty illuminating. I was 100% sure I was going into NPSIA but it seems I have to consider my options a bit more. I'm looking into the international opportunities at uOttawa right now, and though I've heard they are really competitive, I wasn't expecting the exchange program to admit only 4 students per place per term...and I'm guessing the co-op program is even more competitive. Last thing I'd want is to leave after 2 years without work or international experience. Hmm...tough decision
  6. Hey everyone! I'm glad to have found an active forum on NPSIA, because none of the old forums seem to address a question I've been looking to resolve 😬 From what I've read, a lot of students believe that the co-op opportunities at NPSIA open doors to the Public Service (Global Affairs in particular), but there is little mention of other sorts of work it offers. Personally, I'm not really interested in working for the Federal Government -- my dream is to work for an international organization, either in an NGO or within an intergovernmental context. So I'm wondering if anyone has any insight as to the sort of international work placements NPSIA has to offer (if any at all)? Thank in advance!
  7. Hey! I have a question about the co-op prospects for GSPIA vs NPSIA and thought to add it on to your question since it's pertinent. From the posts I've read, it seems a lot of people applying to NPSIA and GSPIA are comparing their co-op programs based on Public Service (and in particular GAC) opportunities. It's making me feel a little left out, because I don't actually want to take the public service route. I'm more drawn towards working on an international level-- either within an embassy, in an NGO, or in an intergovernmental context... and I'm hoping that one of these programs will open up doors for me. Does anyone know if one of these programs offers more extensive opportunities to work abroad? Thanks!
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