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  1. Congrats to you for your funding offer. And best wishes to those who didn't make it this year. I cannot tell if mine came with a better funding offer. Initially I was quite disappointed when I saw it. Then I joined this group on Facebook "PhD in US Fall 2021" and I was shocked to see the kinds of stipends people were reporting. Some departments of University of Arkansas for instance, were offering $14k plus something and I was shocked. That's because I saw that schools like University of Southern California were offering $32k in all. But when I wen to the websites where living cos rations w
  2. I've already seen about four people here going to MSU already. Maybe we can start something!
  3. Sorry that things didn't exactly work out this term. But keep trying. I'm sure you'll finally get in. And also let's help each other by sharing our experiences, particularly those who succeeded this term. Maybe someone's experience might help someone tomorrow. All the best.
  4. Wow! Congrats once again. You had a lot of choices and that's good. I also finally got a fully funded offer to Michigan State University. Got the decision on April 9 and I plan to attend this fall. By the way, one thing I found about funding packages is that, unless you take the living cost of the location into account, the mere size of the amount doesn't really mean much. The living costs of the place really determine how much the amount is really worth. I'm very happy with my package, which includes full health insurance and guaranteed travel support! I'm so excited to enroll this fall. Bes
  5. Congrats on the UT Dallas offer and acceptance. At the end of the day, you can only attend one school. So the other rejections don't mean much. You've got your PhD dreams on a good footing and that's what matters. I hope that your offer at UT Dallas came with funding?
  6. Keep being strong! I'm in a similar situation. I have been in touch with my POI, who happens to be the head of the department I'm admitted to. They said they would clarify everything by the end of this week. Today is Thursday, and still I haven't heard anything yet. That leaves me with tomorrow. The anxiety is unbearable! Meanwhile I made it clear to them that my ability to accept the offer would depend on the funding decision. It is a depressing situation. But my faith is strong and so should be yours. I pray we all get positive resolutions to this nightmare. It would be a beautiful story. Al
  7. Congrats! Is it funded and are you accepting the offer? If I remember correctly, you also got an offer for Michigan State University
  8. That's fantastic! I was admitted into the Information & Media PhD program. But I've been waitlisted for funding. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Would be nice to meet you there.
  9. Anyone here who won admission to Michigan State University's Information & Media PhD program?
  10. I certainly would like to go. But I've been placed on funding waitlist and my hopes of attending depend on that. Have you been offered funding?
  11. I have quite been in touch with my supervisor who happens to be the director of the school of journalism. The previous Friday, he wrote to me to assure me that they're working on funding for me and I shouldn't think that they've forgotten me. Indeed the pandemic has really wrought havoc. Do you mind sharing your school with me? Mine is Michigan State.
  12. What program or level did you apply to? Information & Media PhD? I was admitted into that program without an interview. But from the gradcafe results, I know some other people were interviewed.
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