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  1. Has anybody else applied to USF Tampa on the Feb 15 deadline and not heard anything back? My portal has said, "Your application has been referred to the college and program for a decision," since early February. I contacted the department asking about their decision timeline on March 12 and they gave me a standard reply of "we are processing hundreds of applications so we appreciate your patience." I haven't heard anything since--I'm assuming COVID is affecting admissions, but I was just wondering if anyone else has either received an admission decision or heard anything from USF. Thanks yall!
  2. Do y'all mind making a separate CU thread? I love reading about all of your acceptances but it's just a lot to sort through for those of us who didn't apply there lol
  3. Great! Have you heard back yet? My status still says "referred to the college and program for a decision."
  4. Did anyone else apply to the University of South Florida's MSW program?
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