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  1. Thanks Frey. I've heard great things about BU, I may just have to do more research. Because of the virus, I had to cancel my planned summer grad tours for the time being. Emerson is offering an online meet and greet in June for all of their grad programs and perspective students, and they're offering application fee waivers to those who register. Also, even though I have mixed feelings about Austin as a city, I started researching UT's MFA in Drama in Youth and Communities, and it seems like a great program to prepare you for both teaching in higher ed and working in the Education
  2. Hello. Long time lurker, first time poster here. I graduated from Undergrad last May with a BA in Theatre (Acting/Directing Concentration) and have been apprenticing under the Artistic Director of a small theatre company in Ohio. I am seriously researching grad programs, with the intention of applying for the fall of 2021 academic year. As of now, I've been looking into programs that would give me adequate training as both an artist and an educator. I am very passionate about directing, theatre history, and the overall study of actor training, and am just looking for programs that could benefi
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