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  1. Hi! I guess the title says it all but just to reiterate, is it crazy to pay minimum 30k per year for the two-year long MA at Harvard over a fully-funded phd program, if both are in the humanities? I know the general rule of thumb is ‘Go where the money is!’ but I’m concerned about securing a teaching position after attending the phd program. (It’s ranked the 27th according to the US news) Please weigh in anyone!!
  2. I’m having similar problems and wanted to ask what everyone thinks. I am still waiting for responses from JHU and UCSB but the chances of getting in seems really slim at this point. So far, I’ve been accepted to UCR and some MA Programs but a degree from UCR doesn’t seem very promising in terms of securing a job (I’ve had a professor who tried to talk me out of applying at all last year because she and her cohorts had a terrible time finding a job with a degree from Harvard) although the faculty there looks like an incredible fit for me. (I don’t intend to stay in the U.S. after my degree so t
  3. Hi Does anyone know when the Comp Lit department at UC Santa Barbara normally releases their admission decision? I received an e-mail asking more information on my external funding resource about 2 weeks ago and haven't heard anything back ever since. Should I e-mail the department?
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