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  1. I have my BA and MA in Economics, and have worked with a demographer during my years as an RA, so I'm hoping that not hearing back yet is a good sign for me. I haven't heard from any programs yet, actually, which is really screwing with my anxiety... especially programs I've seen results posted for already. Sorry to hear you were rejected, I'm crossing my fingers for you for other applications!
  2. I was actually born in Houston! My immediate family moved to San Diego when I was 13, though, so I've lived in California longer. But I spend a lot of my holidays in Houston and/or Austin. I definitely have been lucky in that I've been staying with my parents through my master's, which I finished this May. So it was easy to just stay another year while working as a Research Associate and applying to PhDs. This is my first cycle applying, which is frustrating, because I feel like any other year I wouldn't be worried about my chances of being accepted with funding. But I have ~3 years of r
  3. Hey there! I'm almost done with all my applications -- three more left. I've been casting a wide net, just in case Covid impacts cohort size/funding as much as I'm worried it will. I also applied to UT Austin and Emory (as well as plenty other). I have a BA and MA in Economics, so my background is primarily quantitative. I'm interested in expanding into qualitative and mixed methods, and am mostly looking to pursue topics at the intersection of gender and sexual identity and inequality/health/stigma. Would love to talk to anyone else who's feeling anxious!
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