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  1. Recently received a conditional offer of admission to the MPS program at Waterloo! I am still debating between UofT's MPP (waiting on decision) or the MPS program. Is there any justification beyond the prestige of UofT that warrants almost double the price tag, half the co-op term and a restrictive course layout that makes it difficult to transition from co-op to full-time employment? I have searched various forums and it seems like the benefit of UofT is it's international prestige and a heavy stats/economics focus that's aligned with the rigour and program structure of American MPP programs. This was cited as being ideal if your were interested in applying to competitive PhD programs in the states. As well, there is this supposed connection to the 'private sector' yet it appears that only 13.8% of alumni have jobs in the private sector. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe governments compensate policy jobs the best and there is usually a progression of people in the private sector trying to break into equivalent government roles? However, for career prospects within Canada UofT's mpp alumni statistics show around 64.7% join the government. When it comes to hiring decisions, I'm not sure there is an emphasis if any at all placed on school 'prestige' but rather the length of relevant work experience. I'm curious as to understanding the rationale behind the decision to attend UofT when smaller programs like the MPS offer double the co-op experience heavily situated in government. I would love to hear your thoughts on this!
  2. Congratulations! Is MPS your first choice and do you mind sharing your stats?
  3. Could you provide insight as to why you don't view Max Bell favourably. I'm interested to hear your opinion as I make my decision on which policy school to attend.
  4. Has anyone heard back from Waterloo's MPS program or know when admission offers start rolling out?
  5. Has anyone heard back from Waterloo's MPS or know when offers begin to be made?
  6. Where did you hear the mid-March deadline? Looking at last years discussion for the 2019 cohort they were informed that they'd hear back March 2nd to 3rd.
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