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  1. Hi.. webadvisor states that all my documents were received on 29th Dec 2019.. I noticed some of the applicants have started getting acceptances from Guelph. I haven't been updated yet. I'm an international student. How about your Status?
  2. Congratulations on your acceptance. Did you receive an email? Or did you happen to check the webadvisor? I've been waiting for a response from Guelph. They've started sending out acceptances, from what I hear. Guess I'm not getting in this year.
  3. Congratulations! Do you mind sharing your profile?
  4. Congratulations to all those who got accepted. Any news on UoGuelph, UoSaskatchewan, and UoOttawa?
  5. Hi. I'm Tvisha from India. I've applied to Guelph too. If you don't mind me asking, what's your profile like?
  6. I completed my medical studies from India with an average of 3.0 GPA. Internship for a year in rural areas dealing with patients on a regular basis which I'm hoping would boost the public health experience. Published a paper with my professor in one of the online journals. Internship for 2 months in one of the teaching hospitals in the US. Currently working under a physician in a private hospital in India. I understand that my profile isn't that strong, especially the score. Hope some opportunity opens up. I've been logging into the portals every day. The uncertainty and waiting period is exhausting.
  7. Hello I'm an international Medical graduate. I've applied to MPH programs at UoGuelph and UoSask. Also applied to the MS Epidemiology program at UoOttawa. Haven't received a reply from any of them yet.
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