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  1. I have split my applications between MS Stat programs with a few MS Data Science mixed in. I have mostly narrowed my decision to Harvard DS, Yale Stat and UChicago Stat. I don’t intend to continue onto a PhD afterwards. I’m currently leaning pretty strongly towards Harvard — for the program itself and personal location preferences. One hesitation that I have is with the statistics foundation of the program. While there is a lot of flexibility to tailor the coursework, I was wondering whether anyone had experience with the (very) new program and whether it was possible/encouraged to focus heavi
  2. Hi all - I am a bit split between the two threads here. I primarily applied to MS/MA Stat programs, but also got into Harvard’s MSDS, which is currently my top choice. Unfortunately, the admitted students day was cancelled on account of coronavirus. For stats programs, I am also considering Chicago and Yale (also was admitted to UW & JHU Applied Math/Stat, but not as seriously considering those). I’m 95% sure that I want to go into industry, but also wanted to ask whether anyone had experience with the stats “side” of the curriculum at Harvard? The stats education seems rigorous, and my ho
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