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    Newark, DE

    Hi there, I am joining UDel this fall and as an international student i would really appreciate if someone can provide me information about general vibe of the city Newark and good neighbourhood options. I prefer sharing an apartment rather townhouse and would love to get suggestion on affordable ones having good ratings. I have lived on west coast before and its first time i am visiting any state on east coast so i also don't have any idea about its weather all year round. would appreciate insight on this as well. TIA
  2. i am awarded TAship to fund my phd studies although i know TA roles and responsibilities and actually quite excited to carry out these tasks but on the other hand i am dreading a little that what if i can't manage my duties along with my PhD studies and start doubting myself.. so i would welcome any thoughts on this matter especially those who had experience in TAship. is it tough job or manageable?
  3. i know that current situation in USA will affect admission processes as things are not working in normal routine order etc and many are out there waiting for any news regarding admits, funding etc and here i am from the later category. though i have received the good news of admit into my top most priority program on 2nd March nevertheless it is making me really uneasy now as it is more than 2 weeks and i am still waiting anxiously to hear any update about funding. as an international student i have tried all means of contact (phone, email) to reach out to my program cooridnator but haven't
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