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  1. I told myself I wasn't going to do this to myself again. Yet here I am.
  2. So uhm not related to NDSEG, is anyone from Virginia Tech. My PI informed us last month she is moving there and I guess Iā€™m going with my research. Would be super cool to know someone before I come down and have the connection of this stressful experience šŸ˜‚
  3. Rejection selection. Oh well. Good job everyone that got picked You all deserved it after that wait!
  4. The postdocs have done most of the hard work. I'm just coming in to help them out any way I can now that we have so many people requesting research on the virus. They are swamped. Thank you though
  5. Just grateful my PI got approval for me to come back to the lab to start testing drugs on SARS-COV-2, because all I do now is creep on this blog since I have been forced to stay home haha. This is unhealthy.
  6. Green is his favorite flavor
  7. They do if you change their genetics in their sleep, just kidding. I guess I found an anomaly... or he is really from another branch and is in disguise as a marine. Who knows?
  8. Hahahahaha. I'm crying I am laughing so hard right now.
  9. Haha those men were mostly from my undergrad experience ... thank god. Now my boyfriend is a marine that is just as busy as I am so it works out perfectly. We pretty much cuddle while we are both home doing paperwork haha. So romantic.
  10. Ooooh this is getting spicy now. New MTV series? haha. I never dated a Rob before but maybe he changed his name just to torment hard working graduate students.
  11. Ok Rob, we heard this story yesterday. Y'all know how 1 dog year = 7 human years, I'm beginning to think 1 NDSEG day = 1 normal human month. šŸ˜† I thought that some of the men I went on dates with in the past were pros at leading me on, but Rob they could learn a thing or two from you. (Just kidding I bet Rob is a lovely man)
  12. Hahaha. This reminds me of the time I was teaching genetics lab and we have a strict no food or drink policy as most labs but you know ... undergrads. So we have one experiment where the students bring in substances to test them for mutagenicity. They are also counting salmonella plates this day. So I have a student that asks if he can use coffee as one of his test substances. I say "sure". The next time I turn around from the board he is DRINKING the coffee with the salmonella plates right next to the cup. I was speechless.
  13. Haha these are great! I feel like I can relate to so many of them! When I was an undergrad I did not know I should throw the ice out when I leave the lab. I just thought people would use it. So the next day our shortest lab member went to grab the bucket and had freezing cold water come crashing on her head. I felt so bad when I heard and she was so mad that I avoided conversation and eye contact with her for a whole semester. She eventually forgave me and trained me on Western blot, so happy ending.
  14. Anyone have any funny lab stories to share to kill the time? Or science memes?
  15. I felt competitive until I realized I uploaded word files instead of PDFs in my excitement šŸ˜… So lets hope we are both pleasantly surprised and get the results we don't expect. If not you have someone willing to take rejection shots right along with you.
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