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  1. Yeah I assume there's a bit of uncertainty whether the people who have accepted their offer will be able to attend in the fall. Some people might've also accepted, but are waiting to hear from other programs so there might be some spots that open up later. But it would be nice to hear some communication that we are on the wait list instead of just radio silence. Best of luck to you though and I hope we hear soon!
  2. I feel like it's just the two of us that haven't heard back haha. I assume we're on some sort of wait list. Anyone else still waiting to hear from UofT Health promo?
  3. Oh wow congrats! When is the deadline to accept your offer?
  4. Any more news from uoft? It's really odd that they haven't sent out a second round of acceptances for health promo yet
  5. Congrats! Which stream did you apply for?
  6. Any news from uoft health promotion? Also I'm wondering for those that were accepted when was the deadline to accept your offer? Thanks!
  7. I think the first round of acceptances for UofT health promo went out April 8th so I think there should be another round sometime next week? (fingers crossed)
  8. I haven't heard back either! I think a lot of people are in the same boat. I've been accepted to UBC and SFU so far, but no word from U of T yet.
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