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  1. nope 😕 hoping its not too late but doubtful
  2. any wait listers with news?
  3. I think you're right but I assume there will be multiple rounds of waitlist offers because not everyone initially offered a spot of the waitlist is guaranteed to accept
  4. would be great if people could post if/when they get off the waitlist!
  5. Do we know when people on the waitlist will be notified by?
  6. Just reached out to my PI at the DoD asking if he had heard of any IT issues going on. He said "the networks are overloaded and it's hard to connect to the VPN but I'm not sure about specifics" 🤷‍♀️
  7. my only glimmer of hope is that they have incentive to get it out asap so that people with other awards don't just say fuck it and accept someone else's offer
  8. I think in addition to GPA and GRE for the first round they probably also look at formatting. so even if you have high scores its possible to get cut for wrong formatting (not pdfs, over page limits, etc)
  9. lurker finally deciding to join! to add to the data im ARO chemistry 4/13-- currently work at the dod and this whole dumpster fire does not surprise me at all. the entire time i've been there it's been a complete shit show
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