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  1. Update: I got an email last week saying that I was waitlisted for an interview and will hear back with a firm decision by June 29th. Looks like i'm not getting in this year. Disappointed, but motivated to keep trying!
  2. That's really unexpected since your qualifications are more than enough for the program (per our reddit convo)! Also I heard on reddit that they are only admitting 15-20 people this year😕 Since it was rolling admissions maybe some people just got lucky bc they applied earlier? Anyways thank you for the info and I really hope you get into a good program either this year or next!! If it makes you feel better I haven't even gotten an email from them and I didn't have an interview so I assume I'm rejected too which makes me feel disappointed but not surprised since I have a severe lack of relevant
  3. Has anyone heard back from the new MSc Psychotherapy program at McMaster? I applied at the end of feb and haven't heard back yet. I emailed them about it and they said they hope to get back to their applicants soon. I imagine their admissions process is being impacted by the pandemic like everyone else, but I guess I'm just having trouble dealing with the uncertainty. Has anyone who applied to MSc psychotherapy heard anything back yet?
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