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  1. Yeah you're right, I didn't see that. Per Berkeley's website: "Applicants to the PhD program who do not already hold an MA, if admitted, are admitted initially to the MA-PhD degree program, and then apply to continue in the PhD program. This practice does not prolong the time to conferral of the doctorate, since the first two years of both the MA and PhD programs for students coming from the baccalaureate are identical. Therefore, most students entering without a MA degree should be able to finish their PhD studies within a 5-year range. Students entering with a relevant master’s degree
  2. Student Type: Domestic Male Undergrad: Top 100 Undergrad (USNWR) Major: Biology GPA: 3.1 (took an additional 60-70 post-bac credits at a 3.7 GPA); low gpa explained - didn't know what I wanted to do really in the beginning and struggled without direction for career; very steep upward trend in GPA + post-bac Math: Calc I-III (A), Linear Algebra (A), Real Analysis (A), Discrete Math (B), Intro Stats (A) GRE: Taking soon, but confident in my ability to perform well Research: 3.5 years of molecular/cell biology research; 5 publications - 1 co-first author, 2 second au
  3. I'm not dead set on that possibility, but it's nice to know that there isn't some unstated contract (social or not) where you can't do this. Thanks for the insight though, this is really interesting!
  4. I would say that I'm more than 50% certain that I want to get a PhD. I will definitely apply to PhD programs then; thanks for the advice! I was maybe considering doing my masters at one institution and then my PhD at another institution - maybe even an institution abroad. I'm not quite sure how to take this also into consideration.
  5. Thanks for advice! I don't know if I want to do a PhD in all honesty. I really like research, but I figured that I would test the waters with a MS first. You're right, I could also do this by applying to PhD programs outright, and then decide later on whether or not I want to drop out with a MS if I don't want to pursue it further. Unfortunately, the school I went to is not a top school; it is in the top 100 of the USNWR rankings. I know that I will have great LORs (1 from my math professor) and my math GPA is good, so it sounds like GRE will end up determining where I apply.
  6. Hello, I'm looking to apply to Biostats MS this year (maybe a few Statistics MS as well), and I have a lower GPA (3.1) from a biology BS. Since graduating I've taken an additional 60-70 credits (averaging a 3.7 GPA) trying to figure out what I wanted to do, and I really enjoyed my math/stats classes that I never really took in undergrad. I ended up taking the full calc sequence (all As), linear algebra (A), intro to statistics (A), discrete math (B), and have become fairly proficient in both python and R. I've also been doing biomedical research the entire time, and I have accumulated 5 p
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