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  1. I haven't considered bio stats at all or looked at the field in general but honestly it seems quite interesting! Thanks for the advice, I'm going to look more into this.
  2. I am domestic! I edited my post. Thanks so much for the prompt reply, I will be looking at more schools in that range.
  3. Hey guys just discovered this forum. I really need some input because I am hearing differing opinions from my advisors and everyone over what types of grad schools I can apply and get accepted to. I honestly don't know what my profile is considered and need some honest advice. I will begin my application process in September. (Edit: I am a domestic student) Undergrad Institution: Top 120 in USA (medium sized private college not really top ranked but known in my state) Majors: Math and Computer Science double major (also majoring in religion but I doubt that will make an impact lol) GPA: 3.8 Math and Computer Science GPA: 3.95 GRE: Not taken yet but getting Q: 165+ V: 160s in practices Research Experience: One summer spent in geospatial statistics lab in Germany and have a very good letter of recommendation from that and GitHub project Currently working in a bio research lab as statistician and doing data viz. 2 publications under review but not first author Accepted to 2 REU's over the summer but both cancelled due to COVID This summer I will be doing Google Summer of Code. I will be developing a spatial statistics package in R. Can get a letter of rec from my mentor who is a stats professor Upper Level Courses: Linear algebra (A), differential equations (A), statistical analysis (A), graph theory (A), abstract algebra (A), data structures and algorithms (A), vehicular cloud computing (A), data mining (A) Going to take analysis 1 and advanced linear algebra in fall semester Schools considered: Any advice on the schools I can consider? Here are some of my ideas: Texas A&M Oregon State Rutgers NYU Arizona State UC Santa Barbara UC Davis University of Washington UT Austin
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