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  1. Yeah it’s looking like it. Good luck and let us know how it is!!
  2. Can I ask when your latest update was for the divisions you got an interview for?
  3. One of my applications that hasn't been updated yet says "on hold" for job status. My other one that was updated says accepting job submissions. Wondering if anybody is experiencing the same?
  4. Nice job! Can I ask if your application says shortlisted or just updated?
  5. Hello! Still haven't heard anything yet. But I'm also not sure what the updates mean or if it;s going to say on the portal that we were shortlisted like previous years
  6. Yeah I did. I'm trying to figure out from past forums how many times peoples' applications were updated.
  7. Hello! Glad that someone got this going. I also applied to two positions, one in mid April and one in later April. My first application was already updated twice, the last time was May 6. The second one wasn’t updated since I submitted. The withdraw button is still there. Did anyone get the automatic rejections like some people last year?
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