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  1. Ohhh!. That puts things to perspective. Thank you so much. I'll have a thorough research before deciding anything and really appreciate the help.
  2. Oh!!. It's just that I'm worried about job opportunities and pay scale. I mean obviously it depends on one's skills and knowledge to ace any job but average pay scale and employment opportunities will differ based on university or they're just one and the same?
  3. Thank you for your time to suggest me with the right thing to do. Athough I've some doubts as follows, Kindly tell me about it. 😊 Firstly Money isn't the issue here and that's the reason to keep PACE/CUNY as a option as well. Then these uni's aren't asking for GRE so does it mean that it doesn't have heavy quant in their MPA program compared to SIPA or other top notch universities for that matter! Furthermore, you said that they focus more on domestic and local issues and it is something that intrigues me so it's kinda you know "My thing" and above all I'm just dying to move to
  4. Hello Everyone, I'm a 20 year undergrad kid who is pursuing bachelor's in political science(last year) and after doing so i am wishing to apply for MPA program in either of NYU WAGNER/SIPA/PACE UNIVERSITY/CUNY. For backup I've kept CSU, UCLA, GWU etc etc... Although as I've no background in maths I'm not thinking to give GRE and as mostly all these Uni's don't require it for this program am really confused about what exactly would the admission office be looking at i.e what would be the basis of assessment an international student like myself and how do i make sure to land my
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