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  1. I applied to Vanderbilt IGP! Still waiting to hear back. I also just heard back from UPenn IGG (got an interview!), so maybe the BMB program will get back soon too?
  2. I'm looking at Immunology PhD programs (or umbrella programs with the intention of going into the immunology track). So far, thinking of applying to Harvard, UCSD, Yale, Cornell, and NYU for sure, also considering Columbia, UCSF, UChicago, University of Washington, University of Michigan, WashU, and UPenn. Worried about how covid will affect admissions this year (with likely a higher proportion of people applying but a lower amount of funding/positions available) ://
  3. Hi everyone, I'm looking to apply to Immunology PhD programs this year to enter Fall 2021- I want to do mucosal immunology research. I feel confident that I can get in somewhere, but am not sure if I’m trying to reach too high, wanted to hear y’all’s thoughts. It’s hard for me to be able to judge my chances because I only know people on the extremes when it comes to immunology grad programs - either they didn’t get any interviews whatsoever, or they got in everywhere and are about to go to their field's top program. Also I know it’s probably kinda early to ask about this, but this fall is goin
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