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  1. I love how well-written the process for your projects are on your portfolio! Likewise, keep us updated if you decided to attend grad school this year and good luck with everything!!!
  2. Ooh that's cool! Do you have a portfolio, or are you hoping to build that in grad school? Here's mine. I don't have a background in design, only an interest in art and design since I was a kid. I really don't know where I want to take my career, and I was hoping to explore that in grad school, but I feel like right now my job can offer the same. Hard to tell in the long run though, as it's hard to predict these things 😕 What drove you towards research? I feel ya on the not wanting to do standard web design stuff, but at the same time I'm not sure if academia is for me.
  3. I'm holding off on it because I just started a new job, and I want to prioritize that first. I might consider doing a part-time program or...full-time grad/work after I've been here a bit longer. Do you know what you want to do with coding + graphic design?
  4. I got in! I've decided to put off grad school for this year though. Did you apply for other programs?
  5. Last Thursday, but it was such late notice I couldn't make it, currently trying to reschedule. What are you looking for in grad school?
  6. I got an invite to interview from Parsons! Did you?
  7. My bad!!! Here's a new one: https://discord.gg/jEBRwQdb
  8. @Haloquatratum@unquairriedboy@the_darth_knight Here is the discord link for anyone interested: https://discord.gg/EZZsa5 Would love to chat more about the ITP program with yall there as well!
  9. I've heard from ArtCenter MDP for an interview, if anyone's interested.
  10. Hiya! I'll start one now, and anyone can feel free to join https://discord.gg/EZZsa5 I'd at least be more active to reply and chat with everyone here.
  11. @gentvenus@lazzyshivam I can start a discord or slack channel if you all would prefer to chat there
  12. Hi rorado--that's awesome!! I'm glad to find someone in the same boat as me. Yeah, I've had the same issue when researching which programs to apply to, because some programs may be more design- and others more tech-focused. Sorry to hear about your experience with SJSU though. I've heard good things about ITP, I don't know if you're considering it, but if you're interested, this podcast (though it's from 2016) helped me gain a lot of insight into the types of people that applied and what they typically seek in a program like the ones we are applying for. I definitely feel you on the hop
  13. * Copied the title from this thread, because couldn't come up with a better one myself to describe whatever this eclectic grad program should be categorized as. Except this thread will focus on applicants for Fall 2021--I'd love to find a community of people in the same boat as me and share application experiences. There's a lot of crazy things happening out there right now, and it's been helpful to just have something structured in my life to prepare for, as overly optimistic as that may sound. If this thread gains traction, let's start a Slack group! I'd love to chat and share our
  14. Hey there! Could I get an invite to the Slack group as well? Feel free to PM me!
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