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  1. Hello, I have declined my acceptance to Carleton MSW advanced standing program, Hopefully this opens up a spot for anyone in the waitlist.
  2. Hi, @fatnrad created a facebook group, York Advanced-Standing stream peeps! It's private but visible Please join us! Search Facebook for: York University 1-Year MSW - Class of 2022
  3. Hi everyone, I declined my acceptance to UofT advanced standing program, Hopefully this opens up a spot for anyone in the waitlist. Good luck!
  4. Quick question, does anyone know if you take an elective course in the summer as part of my graduation requirement and submit the official transcript to the MSW school showing my BSW before September, do you know if MSW programs still accept students in September?- I know msw programs are conditional upon official transcript, just wondering when we would have to submit them?!
  5. Hey, I cannot fully recall a minimum funding for every Carleton MSW, but in my acceptance letter they said they allocated funds based on availability and I Believe for TA/RA positions, its given to top 3 students with the highest marks, however anyone else can still apply to be a TA based on the 'outside priority application' criteria. I also got into York and I am going to accept York as their funding was much more that Carleton, as you mentioned each students gets a minimum $10, 000 plus more based on GPA. They said that we could apply externally for TA/RA positions, plus right now bas
  6. Does anyone know if Pip from York admission calls everyone who got an acceptance?
  7. The admissions team said the amount will be on the offer letter, but I kindly asked in advance if I could receive more information and they emailed me the funded package.
  8. I emailed admissions and they say the letter Will be on my file shortly after the status changes
  9. Thank you! Yes I just kept checking the portal
  10. I heard back from York today afternoon with an offer for advanced standing program! Full time status
  11. I don’t know if it’s the same for advanced standing, but it’s 21 days from when you get your acceptance
  12. Hi everyone, Anyone in the advanced standing program MSW who accepted their offer to Carleton or considering Carleton, are you able to message me?! I would love to create a group chat/page to keep in contact! Thank you!!! 😀
  13. Thank you, Right under Decision made- there should be a document. I believe they might be adding them throughout the day!
  14. Same here, I did get an email notification, and I checked the SGS portal and found my acceptance! Congratulations to everyone!! and hoping everyone hears soon
  15. Based on past forums, if you see an 'invited' message on Acorn, chances are you got in, however I would say wait officially for your decision via email in the next few days
  16. Hey everyone, not want to say anything soon, but I see my INVITED sign on ACORN liek right now, this is for advanced standing 1 year uoft btw!! Hope everyone hears back soon
  17. Same with me, I got accepted to Carleton around mid Feb ish and we have 21 days to accept/decline. I am still waiting on Toronto schools, but probably won’t hear them until mid March!
  18. Nothing yet, and sorry which results page?
  19. It could be, although I am not too sure but the admission committee did say they were giving out decisions this week and next week!
  20. Yes, of course, my status changed to "Review in progress by Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs" last night, and then today around afternoon, the got an email and status changed to 'Decision made' I did email Andrea Kenny from admissions and they said they have started the process of sending out decisions and are hoping to let applicants know their decision over the next couple of weeks.
  21. Hello, just received my acceptance to the 1-year program at Carleton, this group has been so supportive. I am wishing everyone good luck and hoping everyone hears back soon
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