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  1. Thanks a lot both, this is really helpful/reassuring. For some reason I'm simultaneously not surprised to read about the 35-year-old Cal PhD and can't imagine it being me. I think I'm guilty of comparing myself to my super focused peers who had a good idea of what they wanted to do a lot earlier than me (to the extent that I even do now). Better to wrestle with this now rather than several years deep into a doctorate, I suppose
  2. About me: White male US citizen, underrepresented minority affiliation Undergrad: Top 3 uni, BS Math, ~3.9. One summer of statistical computing research and another in an industry research lab. Linear algebra (Axler), calculus/ODEs, honors algebra+analysis, optimization, number theory, graph theory, full CS core + a good amount of CS theory. A-somethings everywhere but a B in analysis :'^( Masters: Top 3 program, MS Stats, ~3.95 Regression theory, data mining, sampling, PhD probability, statistical learning, stochastics, RL, bit of biostats. GRE, Recs: N/A (yet) I
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