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  1. Nice! You might still have a chance! Mine says “refused, no space” as of yesterday. Good luck
  2. Hey all, thought I'd check in again: any updates from Guelph CFT applicants?
  3. Hey guys, I heard all interview invites were sent out (none in my inbox, lol) Any news on your end?
  4. Just checked this morning... same thing I’m seeing! Ahhh..
  5. Nothing yet! Womp womp. Happy this group is growing though lol
  6. Oh dude, so far nothing & it’s driving me bananas.. I’ll update you if anything (good or otherwise) I’ve even had a reference reach out being like “nothing from Guelph???” Ahhhhh
  7. Ahhhh. It’s at least nice to have someone else in this boat with me! (re: impatiently waiting AND having a rough time with the site lol) Seriously sometimes it felt like I was the only person on the entire internet who applied this year..
  8. omg, same!! I also remember seeing February as the date for invites here. & someone on another thread posted about an interview for this program on January 30th last year I think? So. There’s that. ahhhh.... soon???!!
  9. Hey guys! Anyone here applied to the MSc in Couple and Family Therapy at Guelph? I understand short-listed applicants are contacted for interviews early February-ish.. but... the anxiety.
  10. Hey, has anyone here applied for this program? I’m driving myself crazy waiting on an interview email or rejection, ANYTHING!
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