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    Hi there, so I am currently doing my CV and I need some help. I'm applying to an MA in Art History, specifically to study Contemporary Art. Right now I volunteer for this art group that puts on art shows. I have helped them with advertising, choosing some of the art, brainstorming with the theme, and helped set up for the art show. I don't know if I should create a section called Exhibits and include the art shows I have worked. I was not the curator, just helped out with opinions, so should I include them anyways? Also is it bad to have bullet points and sentences? Or should I just stick to o
  2. Hi @venusofwillendork, thanks so much for responding! I do already have an idea of how I can frame myself as a unique candidate with my background, I was just wondering if that would still work, so thank you for giving me some hope. And I have emailed NYU and asked them if they were accepting MA's this year and they are, it's just PhD's that they are not accepting so I got lucky with that. I can look at Tufts if it does have a strong contemporary program! And I am mainly going for curatorial work. I really rather not stay in academia. I guess when it comes to looking at programs, how do you kn
  3. Hi there, so I am currently trying to apply to an MA program in Art History. Currently, I'm looking at NYU, Williams, Bard, UPenn, SAIC, and Columbia. I'm getting a bit nervous since my BA was in Anthropology with a minor in Classical Civilizations. My focus was in Roman and Greek Art so I did take a good amount of art history classes. The problem is I want to switch over to contemporary art with a focus on social movements. Is that going to be hard to achieve? Also would anyone happen to know any professors/programs that center on contemporary art with a focus on social movements? I know that
  4. Hi there! I am applying for fall 2021 and I was wondering if anyone knew of any good master’s programs where the professors and the classes have knowledge around Social Justice Art. I mainly want to concentrate on the intersection of art and social movements. I know NYU And UPenn has some pretty good professors for that but I was just wondering of more. Anything to do with Queer and Feminist Theory, as well as Latinx art. Thanks for your help and let me know if you need any more info this is my first time posting.
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