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  1. I was admitted to Chicago Harris and Carnegie Mellon ($) about a year and a half ago. I chose Chicago but inevitably deferred because the cost was astronomical. My GRE score was lacking to say the least and I was wondering what other things I could do besides added experience and increasing the score to help get funding to go back in Fall 2013. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I had no post-grad work experience (tons in UG), graduated with the same GPA and was a Political Theory Major (essentially philosophy) in college. I was admitted to Harris at UChicago and the Heinz program at Carnegie Mellon (both top ten). I don't think work experience is necessary outside of a few institutions (i.e. Duke and NYU who rejected me solely for that reason). You have to show that you've done research in your area of focus and have demonstrated leadership qualities to be admitted to these programs. They really do look for well rounded candidates it's not necessarily about numbers strictly (I had sub par GRE scores as well). I would advise though really looking into what you want to do before committing to the application process. An internship with a US Senator is a great experience, but a number of applicants will have other experiences that make them passionate about pursuing an MPP/MPA. If you have that same zeal for the art and formulation of public policy then by all means apply and best of luck! However, if this is just a way to avoid the work world or a "lack of better options" kind of deal, I would advise waiting and really thinking about who you are before investing money and time into this process. Just my two cents.
  3. Hello Everyone, I am going to be a student at the Harris school coming up in the fall and I was curious as to how difficult the mathematics in the curriculum would be? I am from a liberal arts background and I don't know how demanding the curriculum is for people that aren't as strong quantitatively. I'd eventually like to venture into consulting or investment banking which is why I chose the program. Thanks!
  4. BUMP this, I am interested as well!
  5. Hello Everyone, Long story short in at CMU ($) and Harris (no funding) and I am trying to decide which is the better program to attend. These are the following questions I'm considering. 1) I'd like to do something in domestic economic policy dealing with urban development issues or in investment banking. Which school would suit me with the economic tools necessary to be effective in these arenas? 2) Is it possible to leverage more money out of CMU at this point? 3) Which student body is friendlier? Thank You!!
  6. Still haven't heard yet...what were your stats by chance jndaven. If you don't mind.
  7. Hello Everyone, I look to apply for a Masters in Public Policy program starting in the Fall of 2011. Please note that I am a weak standardized test taker and this is the only time I have to prepare adequately for the GRE examination without a full course load. That said the prep course that I desire to take with Kaplan conflicts with a Macroeconomics course that I would need to take to complete a specialization in Political Economy. Should I opt out of the GRE course and take the macro course or vice versa? Thanks and Best of Luck!
  8. Where did you end up going if you don't mind me asking? Could you private message me what your stats were and what you would recommend? Thanks
  9. Hey Guys, I am going into my senior year at a top liberal arts program and I am going to be graduating with a degree in Political Philosophy. I look to apply to top MPP programs straight from undergrad. I also intend on going to law school either in conjunction with/ or after the MPP. My GPA is a 3.55 and I intend on taking the GRE in August. My primary concern is that I will have no post-undergraduate when I apply and I know these programs strongly emphasize (though don't require) these experiences. However, I do have a pretty strong undergraduate resume. -Work in the University Development Department and raised thousands of dollars for the University endowment (one of the largest in the world) -Did independent research with one of my professors in Urban Development and Economic Policy -Serve as President of my pre-law Fraternity -Served as a Chief of Staff intern for the Student Government -Worked under a Health Care Lobbyist for a large health care corporation -Worked as an intern one of America's largest hospitals legal affairs and Corporate Human resources department -Did a Judicial Clerkship under a Circuit Court Justice -Was a Legislative Aide/Intern for a US Congressman -Worked as a Youth Volunteer with Troubled Youths + Did volunteer work in downtown Detroit -Inducted into both Phi Sigma Theta and Sigma Alpha Phi Honors Societies Should I even apply or wait and work? My Dream Schools would be either Ford (Michigan) or Harris (Chicago). I also intend on applying to Maryland, Duke, Penn, Syracuse, Lehigh (They've been emailing me a lot). I know I have little chance at Kennedy but that would be amazing as well. Thanks for your opinions and sorry for the long-winded post, Joe
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