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  1. Thank you for responding. Fortunately, I received an acceptance letter from Mizzou yesterday, so I won't be shut out this application cycle. While filling out the FSU application, undergraduate GPAs are calculated using applicants' GPA during their last 60 semester hours, so I labeled FSU as one of my safer schools. Additionally, I am hoping that choosing to pursue assistantships hasn't hurt my chances at any schools, especially given that I probably won't need those assistantships in the end.
  2. I'm 0 for 5 so far, with those schools being University of Washington, University of Chicago, Duke University, University of Wisconsin, and UC Santa Cruz. Though I did not consider UC Santa Cruz to be a safety school and I considered the rest to be reaches, I am paranoid that I won't get into any programs, especially since I have had massive problems obtaining job positions in the past. I REALLY need a response to better understand my chances of getting into the remainder of my programs and honest feedback regarding my admissions profile. At this point, I am still waiting to hear from UCLA, Th
  3. I was mainly referring to the electives offered by programs in statistics and biostatistics. Many master's in statistics programs offer a few electives with titles such as "environmental statistics" or "spatio-temporal modeling", but I don't see as many master's in biostatistics programs that offer at least a few of these types of electives. Also, would master's in biostatistics programs be a good fit if I'm specifically interested in working with a broad spectrum of environmental statistics in my career as opposed to working in the public health field or similar?
  4. Does this also apply to master's in Statistics/Biostatistics programs at these same universities? It doesn't seem like there are many notable master's in biostatistics programs with coursework in spatial/environmental stats, whereas there seem to be a lot more master's in statistics programs with that sort of coursework.
  5. Correcting my first post, some of the aforementioned schools from Wisconsin to UC Santa Cruz and Virginia Tech do appear to take overall GPAs into consideration, but prioritize GPAs concerning last 60 semester hours of coursework or grades in upper-level coursework over overall GPAs.
  6. Hi! I am planning on applying to various Master’s in Statistics programs for Fall 2021, but I am somewhat uncertain of my chances of being accepted into these programs. Type of Student: Domestic White Male Undergrad Institution: Regional university that is top 10 in its region Major: Applied Mathematics and Statistics GPA: ~3.2 Overall GPA, ~3.6 GPA each in upper division coursework and last 60 semester credits of coursework, ~3.7 Major GPA Courses in Major (In order from freshman to senior year): Calc II (B+), Statistics I (B+), Calc III (B), Actuarial Statistics I (B)
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