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  1. Hi Sunshine04, I applied this year to Northeastern and UC Irvine. Looks like a no go again. This will be my last year applying. I kept it to 2 because of how much time applying takes up. Good luck on your choices!
  2. As a four time PhD process rejectionist here are some thoughts. 1) You most likely will become discouraged seeing acceptances and interviews knowing that you probably did not get in. You can hold out hope, but honestly it sucks. Sit with it and realize that not getting into a program hurts and sucks. It is ok to feel this way. 2) The way it works is that people will find out they are accepted way before the official thanks, but no thanks go out. Often the thanks, but no thanks emails are poorly worded and curt. And if you seek feedback from the school be prepared for little (generic
  3. Check with the schools on deadlines even the ones you are waiting to hear back from. Also if you commit to one and a better oppurtunity arises you can withdraw, no school will fault you. Sinceyou will be spending the next 5+ years there go where you are happiest. It is ok to change your mind. Obviously since you have time to wait, wait, but again withdrawing after saying you are going is ok.
  4. Hi all applying this Fall as well for phD in CCJ. soren598 it looks like a lot of programs are waving the GRE.
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