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  1. Hooray! SSHRC CGS ($35k/yr for three years)! woohooo! I'm in Vancouver. So happy. I was having serious doubts about success after re-reading my application, which I don't recommend doing days before the letter is supposed to arrive! Here are my stats: -2nd yr in program, 2nd time applying (I'm at the 16 month mark) -Unsuccessfully waitlisted last yr. with a score of 16.8 -GPA 4.03 -One book review accepted for publication in a peer reviewed journal at time of application, plus a few non-peer reviewed publications -No conferences -Several internal scholarships/awards -SSHRC recipient
  2. damn. all of this new insider info is making me hope SSHRC will actually meet its deadline this year. i wasn't going to do that this time. thanks for the SSHRC gossip all - it would be great if everything actually goes as advertised.
  3. I hate to rain on the parade folks, but for last year's PhD SSHRC competition some of us were told "mid-April", or "end of April" by SSHRC staff only to get letters in the mail by end of May. Let's hope things have changed this year but for my part I'm not holding my breath. If I'm pleasantly surprised, great, but I won't start pestering SSHRC or expecting results until at least the first week of May. Hopefully I'm wrong but I doubt much has changed. I lost a lot of confidence in the SSHRC bureaucracy when I somehow moved from 4 to 8 on the waitlist and nobody could explain why. A SSHRC staff
  4. I was notified by email today that my application will be forwarded (SFU).
  5. ureal. congrats sshrchopeful! glad to hear your waiting wasn't for nothing. what a great surprise.
  6. This must be a departmental thing. In my department it's not really done to go outside your supervisor's advice for funding applications unless you've formed your committee already - but even then I'd be hesitant to run it by the others more than once. Other grad students? No problem.
  7. Just wait until you get it down to three words over 2 pages - that's when it gets super annoying.
  8. SSHRC application submitted! woohoo! @StrangeLight: ugh...just thinking about getting that kind of response at this point in the application process makes me feel ill...but that's just because my deadline was today. sounds like your department's internal deadline is later than mine (i hope!).
  9. Ok thanks for your thoughts StrangeLight and Canuck. I have removed the 'submitted - yet to be accepted' category from my application. Instead, I suggested to one of my referees (who also happens to be co-author) that it might be good to include something about the publication in their letter of appraisal.
  10. Glad to see you're still checking in on us Canuck...helps us deal with the separation anxiety from our break with the 2010 thread. Along similar lines, I'm wondering if it's ok to list an article recently submitted for review? SSHRC guidelines give three options: refereed contributions, other refereed contributions, non-refereed contributions and forthcoming contributions. 'Forthcoming contributions' clearly requests only items formally accepted for publication. Buuut, since I'm a little weak on the publications end, I figured it was okay to add another category 'refereed contributions (re
  11. Yes, I will second StrangeLight's comments Ziz. Judging by the fact that you are studying Political Theory, I suspect the SSHRC committee will expect to see more than just a page of sources. If you haven't really delved into the literature much because you haven't yet started your degree it may be more difficult to do this. I would talk to your supervisor for help. Your supervisor might even provide you with a more comprehensive bibliography related to your topic. In my case, I'm a year into my program and my bibliography could easily be 10 pages long. I've cut it down to six and am struggling
  12. SSHRC 2011 proposal version #3, revision #umpteen is off to the supervisor for feedback. Fingers crossed he likes it better this time. I was nowhere near this diligent last year, guess that's why I was only waitlisted. Amuna, I think you are right about the whitespace. I did a test recently with some colleagues with all three versions of my proposal to see which one they liked best. They consistently chose the one that is more succinct and has the most whitespace, even though in my opinion it is the one with the most holes. unfortunately it was also most similar to the one that didn't win last
  13. Oops! Amuna, I referred to you as 'she' without actually knowing how you self-identify gender-wise. My bad. Hope I got it right! Apologies if I didn't.
  14. Hi StrangeLight - I've applied to SSHRC twice, once for my Masters (successful) and once for PhD (waitlisted). Both times I just set all my margins to 3/4" (including header and footer) and put my name in the top right as a header. Are you applying for Masters or PhD? I can't remember what SSHRC tells you for Masters, but for the PhD application you have to give your Program of Study in two pages, that should include the usual in-text referencing where applicable, followed by a max. 5 page bibliography. SSHRC asks that your references from the Program of Study are clearly indicated in the 5 pa
  15. FYI: I just started a new 'SSHRC 2011' thread for us waitlisters who are planning to re-apply or who have already re-applied. See you there!
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