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  1. Hey guys, my chances aren't looking that great tbh lol. I want a more applied/professional/career focused curriculum and so I'm trying to decide between the following: Accepted: USC Marshall Business Analytics Rejected: UPenn MSE Data Science Harvard MS Data Science MIT Sloan MBAn (Was really hoping to get into this one but didn't even get an interview so hey, I'm just not good enough. It is what it is) Stanford ICME MS Data Science Track Waiting/Applied: UChicago MS Analytics Columbia MS Data Science UCLA MS Business Analytics I
  2. Hi guys. I was wondering if I could get a profile evaluation - what are my chances like for getting into the schools listed below and their respective programs. I was also wondering if I could get some opinions on whether I should submit my GRE scores and will there be any interviews for the schools I am applying to (a simple yes/no in list form for each school will suffice and a couple of words on what the interviews entailed will suffice). So here goes nothing (I feel I'm being a bit too ambitious with my choices and I am also gradually losing my mind over anxiety and stress from this applic
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