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    I've finally finished applying to everywhere today. I've applied to Cornell, NYU, Princeton, Rutgers, the University of Delaware, the University of Michigan, the University of Chicago, and Yale. Every program I applied to is a little different (University of Delaware is Art History, for example, with a focus in Antiquity), and unfortunately, Brown and the University of Pennsylvania, two of my top choices, weren't taking students for Fall 2021, so my list changed a lot in the last year. My top choice is Cornell because I applied specifically for the Interdisciplinary Classics. How's everyone doing with their apps?
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    LDAV reacted to IvanC in Linguistics Applicants for Fall 2021   
    Thanks for answering my question, guys! 
    I have good news. My PI emailed me a couple of days ago and said my application is among those selected for the next step, the interview. 
    I’ll be interviewed this Wednesday. Wish me luck! 😃
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    I finished applying this past Tuesday to 7 Ph.D's, all really good, but extremely selective programs (though pretty much any PhD program is a competitive program). I feel both relieved at having finished all of my applications, but also super anxious as I enter the waiting period. My interests are mainly in Historical and sociolinguistics (I plan to study and be a researcher in the field of Sociohistorical Linguistics).
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