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  1. I believe April 15th is the universal graduate school decision deadline.
  2. @Sunshine04You are definitely not alone. I got into UMD but have been waitlisted at 2 places and I am hoping I don't get admitted at the last minute.
  3. I applied to 2 Criminology and Criminal Justice Programs- Rutgers and Maryland.
  4. Penn/Harvard /Yale/Columbia/brown all suspended their application cycle. It's really only Cornell and Princeton accepting ppl for the 2021 cycle. There have been no updates as both applications were due last week.
  5. I am also applying to American studies programs this cycle as well as Anthropology. Although a lot of programs are putting their admissions on hold I did not let it deter me. I have been warned by various faculty that due to the pandemic they are accepting fewer students. Although that does make me a little worried I already started the process so I feel like I should finish it.
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