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  1. I’m feeling super bad about it. I thought my interviews went really well and they even said my application and rec letters really stood out. Feeling pretty devastated since they are my dream program
  2. Looks like it’s just people that didn’t receive an interview
  3. Did anyone else get asked to make a canvas account with Weill Cornell?
  4. I emailed the program coordinator and she told me that I am on the waitlist and should a position open up I would have an interview.
  5. From NYU "We have sent out interview invitations to our top candidates. We may send out additional interview offers at a later date but it is not guaranteed. Official decisions on all applications will be sent out later this spring."
  6. Waitlisted by Northwestern- this my second waitlist. So frustrated at least I have two interviews and one of them being my top choice.
  7. Have not head anything from Princeton; however, NYU Director told me they are still processing applications and that invitations will be sent over a period of time with rejections much after that.
  8. Got my first interview today! Still waiting to hear back from the other 5. But how should I prepare? And does anyone know Weill Cornell's acceptance rate of interviewees?
  9. NYU program director just told me that Applications are still being read and evaluated. Invitations are sent over a period of time and rejections don’t get sent to well after that.
  10. Got waitlisted for an interview at UW Madison. Anything I can do to increase my chances at this point?
  11. Thank you! Honestly I hoped this would quell my anxiety but still just as anxious. Guess I’ll have to wait and see it manifest to believe. Thank you so much for your kind words
  12. I've submitted all my applications and everything including LoRs are turned in. However, I'm very anxious about my chances. My PI thinks I'm a competitive candidate but, I am sure she is biased. So, I thought I would have some unbiased opinions. According to random chance (1-(.85)^9) I should be able to get into at least 1 of these programs about 77% of the time (.85 is the average % of all 9 programs rejection rate). But we all know that this isn't up to random chance. Background: I am a US Citizen. I feel very confident about my SoP. I've had that looked over by dozens of Profs and PhD
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