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  1. Vanderbilt said latest March 15th but could be sooner!
  2. Has anyone heard anything from UTHSC? I know Dr Plyer said we would hear back by the end of February. Just wondering if anyone’s heard anything yet.
  3. Waitlisted as well still hope! Good luck!!
  4. Thanks Alexandra! Wishing you much luck and success wherever you end up! We are going into the best field!!!
  5. Admissions. They don’t have interviews this year as per Dr. Baar.
  6. Hey! I just spoke with Dr. Baar, and she said they are finishing finalizing their reviews and letters will be going out next week hopefully. good luck!
  7. Received my decision from KU today!
  8. Yeah last year they gave a decision on the 18th/19th. I think they could be running behind. It’s more of an informational session in the meantime I’m assuming.
  9. Nope! Not yet. I think they’ll send out offers early/mid March.
  10. Haven’t heard anything from Buffalo yet either! Yeah it’s so hard, I’m very impatient!!!
  11. Is there an interview process for Vanderbilt or UFlorida? Thanks
  12. I have an interview for Pacific Oregon next week, but that’s the only school out of these that I’ve applied to.
  13. I got an interview for Pacific U in Oregon as well
  14. TayTay6


    I haven’t heard anything from KU yet but do you know if we are waiting to hear about an interview invite or an acceptance letter? I thought there was an interview for this program but I may be wrong.
  15. Are they making u put a deposit down? That seems super unfair of them to make you commit that fast ...
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