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  1. I still haven't received anything from PBS, did you hear back?
  2. I have heard back from UVM neuroscience on Monday! I interviewed with them a few weeks ago!
  3. I also haven't heard anything. Maybe the results are coming from individual PIs and won't be released at the same time. I'm not sure. We might be waitlisted. I think we can still be hopeful though!
  4. Hi, I got an email last week asking for some clarification about which PI I was interested in because I interviewed with behavioral neuroscience in the PBS program and they only have a four PIs. They said that they haven't made a decision yet and hope to be able to let us know soon. I assume it's the same for all of PBS. Hope that helps, wish I had more information.
  5. Does anyone know when Brandeis will send out offers for their Neuroscience program? I know they already sent out a few but that was before all the interview weekends were over.
  6. Oh really? Do you think we will hear back from MCB this week?
  7. I did too! I haven't received anything yet. Though when someone asked during the interview they said it might not be until the end of the month to receive an answer. Hope this helps!
  8. Are you waiting for an interview or offer? Also for which program?
  9. I'm in the same boat. I haven't heard back from the program at all.
  10. Hey, I got a UCSF rejection today. This is what the email said: There has been a change in the status of your application to the Neuroscience PhD graduate program at UCSF. Then it prompted me to check the portal. On the portal, it said rejected. So I think they are entering it in the portal individually which sends emails to applicants automatically. Hope it helps!
  11. I've been watching this video for preparation and it's been really helpful. Hope it helps! Good luck with your interview. https://videocast.nih.gov/watch=9809
  12. Did anyone hear back from WashU DBBS neuro? I saw a bunch of DBBS for other areas but I don't believe neuroscience in the results page.
  13. Did anybody who had the "brief interview" on Monday for the University of Arizona, Neuroscience program, hear back?
  14. I have the same question. I am international and did not get an interview at Brandeis (at least not yet?)
  15. Did anybody who is an international applicant with or without a US degree, get an interview yet? I am trying to figure out if the interviews are sent for domestic and international applicants at the same time.
  16. I attended a SfN info session and they had a panel of admission people on it from different programs (on top of my head I think it was WashU, Harvard, Northwestern and a few others). They all said that they will be admitting the same amount of people as they usually do and that PhD student funding is not a very large percentage of their budget and that they would have no problem funding the usual number of students. That made me feel better when I heard that. Obviously, this is only about the schools that were on this panel but they made it seem like a lot of schools would also be able to do t
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