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  1. Hi all, Has anyone out there successfully deferred enrollment for University of Washington's (UW) MLIS program, either online or residential? If so, do you mind sharing what reason you supplied for deferring? I see on their FAQs page that they normally don't allow folks to defer, but as we live in strange times I wonder if they would be more open to it... Thanks!
  2. Thanks for sharing, that's great to know! Makes me wonder whether they even nominate children's lit Mphil folks for GC if they haven't admitted anyone yet...
  3. Interesting, I never received that email... perhaps different concentrations handle things differently? No idea. Hopefully that's a good sign though, at least for you!
  4. Congrats! And congrats to all the other admits! Hopefully GC comes through now...
  5. May I ask which program you applied to?
  6. US applicant here. I also applied to the MPhil in education on Oct 13 and haven't heard back... am guessing it's a rejection on both counts at this point (which I expected, especially as I applied to the children's lit concentration), but perhaps they have only assessed PhD apps and not MPhil apps yet? Ha, one can hope!
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