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  1. hey i'm also interviewing with case BSTP! When is your interview? if its the 19th, did they mail you the faculty list im getting anxious T_T
  2. holy shit really? if you don't mind, can you tell me what they said? I've never seen something like this -- didn't apply to UC Davis so don't know this myself but I am morbidly curious
  3. posted this on results but has anyone else been waitlisted for JHU Pathobio? I emailed them but no response yet I was wondering if someone else had also emailed them?
  4. I'm pretty sure all PhD deadlines have passed, I think some MS applications may be open till April or so
  5. Oh no, they're not taking any more applications. Just that they most likely have a waitlist and they're sending out a couple of offers, waiting to see how many people accept, and then based on that, they will send out another round of offers until their target is met.
  6. Nope, wasn't invited for Harvard BBS interview. Last year they sent rejections the first week of March so perhaps that will be it. they are doing rolling admissions this year but I don't know if that means anything for the people that didn't get offered an interview. good luck for your NYU interview! You got this!
  7. I mean if it helps I got rejected today, no interview though
  8. What did you apply to at Hopkins?
  9. Just received a rejection from UW Madison MDTP
  10. Just received a rejection from UW Madison MDTP
  11. ur most likely fine then -- you'll see at the top if there was something -- it'd say "status update"
  12. Only on portal. they haven't even sent me an email lmao amazing nyu
  13. Just got rejected from NYU Vilcek, I indicated Micro as my main interest. They had interviews this week so I'm guessing they were pretty quick on the uptake. Just happened to check my portal.
  14. I just got rejected from NYU Vilcek btw, applied Nov 29th and indicated Microbiology as my main interest. Checked my portal, no email yet but I'm guessing its going to be there soon.
  15. Hey did you hear anything back from Weill Cornell or U Wisconsin?
  16. yeah, harvard seems like a rejection day by day since ppl have been accepted/deferred to the feb weekend and NYU I literally dont even understand? someone told me that NYUs waitlist is 3x larger than last cycle -- makes me think they've sent out a first round of interviews for most tracks and are gonna wait and see how it goes to plan how many more people they want to invite. i've been checking my portals obsessively and im just tired fam. just want some good news.
  17. yeah, i saw that some people posted acceptances -- did you interview there?
  18. man, if they know this, then why not reject already? i know an international student who already received a rejection from IMMP and im here refreshing my goddamn application like an idiot -- if they've already selected their applicants, why dangle us on a string like this?
  19. if you don't mind, can you share exactly what they said? because they said that they would do another interview round in february and i haven't seen invites go out after december, so thats confusing?
  20. fuck really? damn i was really holding out for that one sigh
  21. hey i see you applied for jhu pathobio -- did you hear back yet?
  22. I relate to this so hard. applied to 9, rejected from 2, waitlisted by 1 and literally ZILCH from the other 6. Like fam, don't keep me hanging please let me know that you want me. In case anyone wants to know: rejected from UCSF BMS on Dec 18th, WashU MMMP on Jan 2nd and still waiting on Harvard BBS [probs a rejection at this point but idk], UWisc Madison MDTP, NYU Vilcek, Weill Cornell IMP [probs also a rejection], Case Western BSTP, UCLA IMMP
  23. Did anyone receive an update from JHU Pathobiology?
  24. Hey I also applied to Micro! Haven't heard anything, nothing on the portal -- but I did hear from someone who did Micro and got an interview request sometime in Mid-dec for Interview like the 29th of Jan -- so they are hopefully doing multiple rounds!
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