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  1. Same here still waiting on MIT for Chem Bio, really getting impatient. Also waiting on Cornell (Ithaca) for Chemistry and Chemical Biology. Anyone else still waiting on Cornell?
  2. I see from your name I assume you applied to Chemical Biology, I have been in contact with one PI from the Chem bio division at MIT, but I haven't emailed him since early January, I don't want to seem annoying when the website says 2nd week in February, but if I don't hear by the end of next week, I will be emailing him, he always is very nice and responsive. On that note anyone heard back from Cornell besides people who were accepted in December? Just waiting on Cornell and MIT....could the anxiety get any worse
  3. Don't be sad, many more of us will get rejected vs. admitted, you are clearly not alone today, I didn't doubt the authenticity of the rejections, I am just kind of impatiently waiting for mine (sadly), but I got a really great fellowship offer from Michigan that I am really excited about, so at this point I just want to know so I can make a decision. Do you mind saying what division you applied to? I applied for Chemical Biology at MIT, and I didn't originally think I had much of a shot, but I had two zoom meetings with a PI there who seemed really interested, and it all went really well, he
  4. anyone else still waiting on MIT? I have seen some acceptances, and a bunch of rejections today. I am over here still waiting, assuming a reject, but hoping for the best.
  5. I got an email from UW-Madison that felt like that, The first visit weekend is coming up, it seemed like it more just wanted you to let them know if you weren't considering the program anymore. But it is odd for them to ask you to make a decision before the visit weekend, I agree.
  6. Yes I don't think it is the Michigan Chem department or grad school even doing it, I think it is the Apply Web Program that clearly has a deal with this "certifile" company, They might not even know it is on everyone's page, it seems like an error to me, especially if it is showing up for people that haven't even been accepted yet. I was very skeptical when I saw it because I knew I already sent them official transcripts and I finished undergrad in 2015, so my transcripts already show my degrees are conferred, which is why I emailed the admissions department, I am not paying $50.00 for anythin
  7. I saw this on mine. "certifile". It costs $50.00 and it is optional. You do have to send in official transcripts, but I think they required official transcripts for the application well I know I sent them official transcripts when I applied because I have the receipt in my email through Parchment (the system Umass Amherst uses to send official transcripts). I believe as long as you send official transcripts directly through your Bachelor's granting institution which most schools use either Parchment or National Student Clearinghouse, and it is very affordable, like $5-10 for a transcript vs.
  8. Thank you, and congrats on Cornell, it was my top choice along with MIT, although I am very excited about the possibility of going to Michigan, at this point I am satisfied, I just want a decision from MIT and Cornell so I can figure out where I am going, this process is so long and drawn out. Good luck with the waiting. I know Michigan has a visit weekend scheduled March 11-13, I am not sure if they are done with admissions yet.
  9. As far as Wisconsin goes, they are having 2 visit weekends the first is 2/12-2/14 and the second is 3/12-3/14. I think they are probably mostly done with admissions as I have seen they have sent out rejection letters. But if you haven't gotten a rejection you may be on a wait list of some kind, they will probably admit a certain number of additional people once they get a better idea of how many of their offers are going to enroll.
  10. Hi, American Student here. So I was accepted at UW Madison and UMichigan Ann Arbor in early January. I am still waiting to hear from Cornell and MIT. I see that it seems MIT has yet to send out many decisions if any yet, I think most of us who applied to MIT are still waiting, but if anyone has any info on when to expect a decision from MIT please post. Also has anyone been rejected from Cornell? I am also wondering if anyone who has already been accepted at Cornell can tell me where they are in the process as far as visit weekend dates etc, I noticed a lot of acceptances went out in late De
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