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  1. Congratulations!!! Very happy for you, I remember all international students from the interview days. Same situation here. The difference that I got a rejection letter this morning. After an interview with a TOP university, it is a terrible feeling for international students after being rejected (not even wait-listed). International students do not have that many offers from top universities (like US citizens do). Some of my acquaintances who worked hard like me (citizens, I really don't know a single international student who wants to get to a neuroscience program) got into all top s
  2. 4sdch,you have received offers from all these top universities. Where do you want to go? Just asking, don't get me wrong (If I had an offer from Harvard,I would not think much about my decision). LOL
  3. Yes!!! 40 minutes ago it was not there. I have been checking Slack all day. So, still some hope...
  4. It looks like they are doing it today...and I haven't received their call...
  5. 4sdch, thank you for sharing this! I hope SNAAP still does what it does. I signed for the interview. I already had one preliminary talk with a professor from a program, and I remember I was thinking, "it is so good that I have a detailed answer to the question "why you chose our university and my lab in particular." I think it is crucial to indicate some important distinguishable features of the program and the university. That question, I think, will be asked everywhere. I have done a lot of research in Psychology and Behavior. Also, I did summer volunteering, and I have 1,5 year
  6. Any tips on how you guys are going to prepare for interviews? Does anyone have suggestions from professors? As long as I know after the interview, the chance you get in is 50%. How do they choose the right person?
  7. I got an interview invitation from UCSD. The email was sent on Dec 28th.
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