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  1. I am an international student but I've heard that for master's programs, it doesn't matter that much if you are domestic or international so I will just share my experience. I applied last year with pretty similar GRE(V159/Q169/W4.0), GPA(3.3), and course work with you but with Real Analysis and without any research experience (but I doubt this would matter that much for terminal Master's degree). I got admissions from several top 20-30 schools (mainly state universities in midwest) while I was rejected from The Ohio State University. I think OSU only admits a very few master's student and the
  2. @icantdoalgebraThank you! @bayessays Thank you for letting me know that! I am planning to apply top 40-60 statistics and top 10-30 biostatistics programs. Do you think they will care less about this? or Do you think it was just random that Michigan biostat asked you this?
  3. @icantdoalgebraThank you for sharing your experience! If you don't mind, could you tell me if you are pursuing a Ph.D in biostat or stat?
  4. Hi all. I'm an international student and I obtained my B.S in Statistics degree outside the U.S. In my country, calculus is offered for two classes; one semester for single variable and another for multivariable calculus. In my department, we had a one semester calculus course for stat major which covers single variable calculus and basic multivariable differentiation and integral mainly for probability theory. I took Analysis I and got A+ in this course. I have taken calculus for stat major / Linear Algebra I, II / Analysis I and thought this would be enough for Ph.D application.
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