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  1. I didn’t know that about NYU/ Grossman. Yeah, I read that UPenn was out. I would love to get an interview with Vanderbilt or Stanford, but I recognize that all do the programs I applied to are super competitive and I am very happy that I have received the 2 interviews I have.
  2. Hi. To answer the GPA/ research questions, here are my stats and results GPA: 3.59 (from small liberal arts college) MAJOR: Biology PUBLISHED: 3 RESEARCH: -Summer 2015: Computational Bio REU (2 publications from this) -Spring 2016: Computational research study abroad (1 publication, of which I’m the co-author) -Summer 2016: Wet-lab REU -Fall 2015, Fall 2016-Spring 2017: Wet lab/ Biochemistry research (no publications from this one lol) -Summer 2017: Computation Biology internship at start-up POST GRAD -Clinical research coor
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