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  1. Hi All! Congrats to us all for getting through this process! I am headed to Simon Fraser U in Burnaby BC for my PhD in Art Education. I'll be working with a theatre professor while there and am ecstatic to be making this huge move. Curious to know if anyone ultimately received an offer from Stanford TAPS? It was the only American school I applied to and while I didn't receive an interview or an offer, I'm curious to know how many they took this year and if they accepted any internationals. Thanks all, I hope you are all keeping safe!
  2. Congratulations ladymatre! Wishing you many "broken legs" during your interview process!
  3. Hi friends! International TAPS applicant checking in. Curious to know if any other internationals have heard back regarding an interview at any American schools yet? Cheers and luck to us all for being brave enough to apply to schools in this season of applications!
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