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  1. Oh gosh I think you are right. I misread as "Would love to hear tips about interviews" haha Thanks for correcting me out! And good luck with your interviews!!
  2. Surprised that they still give interview offers. Thanks for sharing your info. Good luck!
  3. Your post sent me an email alert, which made me freak out haha seemingly you are not alone!
  4. I think it is up to the administrator, but in my case I was notified about the faculty list and time schedule around one month earlier so that I can prepare (or just chill). Since all of my interviews were and will be done in Zoom, they arranged me a detailed timetable which tells me whom I would meet.
  5. Isn't it mandatory to list up to 8? In my case, the school asked me to choose 8 and then allocated me 5 professors considering both the time availability and my preference. Thankfully, none of 6~8th priority professors were matched. I think you should search again
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