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  1. Thanks for your reply. I am pretty sure that all of the students in my department receive funding, minus the students who have families and prefer not to work. I'm hoping that my leaving mid-year won't leave an empty position that my department will be angrily stressing to fulfill. But I really have no idea how this all works... : /
  2. OK, so I've posted before about my worries that academic philosophy isn't for me... Now, to follow up and ask an urgent question... Before deciding to accept a great offer, I was unsure about whether or not I wanted to pursue philosophy in graduate school. To be safe, I went to the program and started recently. It is completely clear to me now, however, that I made the wrong decision. I belong in an entirely different field. Not to mention, I left my partner for grad school and that too was a huge mistake. So, I want to leave, and soon. My question is this: Is it just totally unacce
  3. I'll be starting a Ph.D. in Philosophy this fall. If anyone wants to meet up and freak out before school starts, let me know!
  4. Hey wwellington, I just got back from looking at places in EL/Okemos. One thing I learned is that it will almost always be better to go with an independent landlord who owns a quadraplex or something similar. Large corporate compounds are, if not totally gross, pretty high in price (unless you are making more than the usual Ph.D. stipend). I looked in the 500-650 price range and found only one place that I would have considered, if only they allowed dogs. That place is called Hillcrest, if you're interested. However, I ended up lucking out and finding a great price for an apartment in a ran
  5. Hey Hubris, and thanks everyone for the replies. I decided to do the year. Since I'm on the fence, it makes sense to just try it out. I will be giving up a lot of things (long-term boyfriend, desired location, money, time for music practice, a desire to pursue social work), but if I don't give it a shot I'll regret it down the line. I would also hate to burn bridges with some of the top academics in my field of interest. Thanks all for your help. It's nice to be reassured that doubt is a natural human quality. On a side note, has anyone else given up serious relationships for schoo
  6. I was offered acceptance and 5 years of funding at a philosophy program. I accepted it by April 15th, but now I am doubting whether or not the program, not to mention graduate school itself, is right for me. I have another job option available. Does anyone have experience with backing out of commitments? What are the consequences? Is this just an incredible pain in the butt for the department? Is July 1st too late to offer my spot to an alternate? I want to do the right thing here, but I would also hate to be stuck in a program for a whole year when my heart isn't in it. Please help!
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