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  1. Same! I'm like... what now? I think the program usually makes an official FB group once all spaces are filled, but I'd be down to join an unofficial group for the time being!
  2. That was the first time I checked that day! I only decided to peek after someone else on this thread said their Mosaic updated. So you might get a more accurate time for when Mosaic updates if you look for that post
  3. Hey everyone, This thread was so helpful during the entire process, so I want to address some things that might help those waiting for a response: GPA: I applied with an L10 GPA of 11.30/12 on the McMaster scale. BUT, from everyone I've talked to already in the program, I don't think GPA is a driving force behind getting accepted or not. I know someone who got in last year with 10 point something GPA before their 11 point something GPA friend got in. I ***THINK*** that SOI and reference letters are weighed more heavily than GPA. What time did my Mosaic update?: I saw m
  4. Thanks everyone for the congrats! I just received the official email. Received a small scholarship as well.
  5. I received a conditional acceptance on Mosaic Good luck everyone!
  6. The office told me today that they haven’t sent domestic decisions yet!
  7. Yessss, I feel the same! Especially since they have been so adamant about "mid-May" being when we hear back! Good luck again
  8. Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new business week! Wishing everyone the best of luck Hoping we will all hear some good news very soon
  9. THANK YOU to your friend for doing that for to you for sharing that information. Helps a lot. I'm going to stop checking Mosaic every hour 😆. Since everyone's been saying that they said we'll hear back by mid-May, I'm going to hope we hear back next week!
  10. Don't lose hope, everyone! I've noticed that Mac offers usually come between 2:30 PM and 4:30 PM :)
  11. They were probably closed already as some McMaster offices close at 4 PM. I called them back in January with a question around 11 AM and got an answer. No news today!
  12. Haha, same here! The working day is over, so I guess we have to wait until tomorrow
  13. Really hoping that some of us hear back tomorrow! Good luck everyone
  14. How strange... I did not apply to Mac previously, so maybe the high school transcript requirement is a glitch that’s showing up for those who have? I can’t think of any reason why they would need our high school grades!
  15. I noticed that “official transcript” is now included in my required documents. Previously, the requirements section only read: Reference, Reference, Resume, Unofficial Transcript, Statement of Interest. Has this happened to anyone else?
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