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  1. An update for everyone! My friend just called the GH office. They had mentioned that no domestic admission decisions (whether it is acceptance, waitlist or rejection) have went out as of yet. They are still in the process of finalizing things, and we should be hearing back in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully we hear back sooner rather than the next couple of weeks
  2. Nothing on my end waiting till the end of the "business" day today
  3. Yeahhh! They just told me the same thing. I think they stick to the mid May point just incase they run behind or something. Because every other year and like you said last year as well, people started hearing back by this time
  4. Oh okay, that makes sense! If I have time I will try calling earlier tomorrow. And yeup no news from my end either
  5. Just tried! no answer anyone here anything back today?
  6. Ahhhh this waiting is eating me up!!!
  7. Has anyone else heard anything back? :(
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