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  1. Hi jslimcfa, any idea when they sent e-mails out? I ask because it is just noon now - and if decisions are indeed coming out today it will be in the next few hours :-)
  2. I don't know if this is happening to any of you - but I am not able to access my application form!
  3. Congratulations! Would you mind sharing your stats?
  4. No - last year it was a week after other decisions. If it is to be a similar pattern this year, we will hear on the 21st. Can't be sure though - this year decisions were out 4 days before last year's date. Where did you hear that things will take longer this year?
  5. Is there anyone out there who has applied to the MPP only (I mean the ones who didn't check that MPA2 box) or the MPA-ID and not heard yet?
  6. Where would it say MPA on Embark? SN
  7. Made it to the MPA-DP. No funding. Now have to figure out ho to get there.
  8. No - you aren't. I'm waiting too, and it seems like we have a week of waiting.
  9. Is there anyone out there who has heard about funding?
  10. I'm an MPA2 applicant, and it looks like I have at least a week of waiting left based on last year's timelines. Great. I'm so unproductive anyway - what is a week more?
  11. Just anybody! Latamstudent and Rubber Duck " Whew. feels mildly better to not be alone. If decisions aren't out today, we'll have to wait until Monday!
  12. Is there ANYBODY out there who hasn't heard yet?
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