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  1. HEY!! Thank you! I am also happy for you! Congrats!! Yeah, I most likely to attend Maryland. My target professor’s research interests align really well with mine!
  2. Hey all! I got accepted to University of Maryland! Sending good vibes to everyone!
  3. Hi, Congrats!! I also applied UIUC but I did not hear from them yet. When did you submit you application for UIUC?
  4. Thanks for letting me know! Wish everyone good luck on interviews!
  5. Thanks for wishes and sharing your research interests!! Wishing everyone the very best! My research interests include caregiving, quality of life and palliative care. And I just got the second invite from another POI with BC. I am not sure how many professors we are supposed to talk. Does anyone also get multiple invites from BC's professors?
  6. Congratulations!! I also got an interview invite with BC from POI yesterday! Would you mind sharing a little bit about your research interests?
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