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  1. I would also like to point out that most of the top US programs are VERY orthodox and VERY narrow-minded in what constitutes "worth pursuing." To the point that there are many good (and scholarly articles) out there about how political science is writing itself out of relevancy. I didn't apply to any top 10 programs this time for that reason, because I am passionate about my research and much life and professional experience has convinced me of its relevance. I was specifically told by a political science professor this year to keep in mind that, "just because it is a compelling real-world pol
  2. My understanding is that part of it is money, but part of it is time. Many current PhD students are having to extend their time in program due to Covid-19 - particularly those who have had to put fieldwork on hold. So in addition to funding constraints, some programs aren't taking on a full cohort because they don't want to wind up with too many PhD students in the program at one time and not enough supervisory support to do their current and future students justice.
  3. My last name starts with a B so alphabetical is possible, but really who knows! I hope there are some people unofficially waitlisted out there - keeping my fingers crossed for you all still waiting!
  4. I got a rejection this morning. Came at exactly 12pm EST, just like all of the previous times Northwestern notifications were sent out. Seems like their system sends out notifications every day at that time, based on what has been inputted into the system at that point. Feels to me like they are just coming on a rolling basis as data gets entered into the system, but it could be possible they are holding some back on an informal waitlist. If you look back at previous years, it does not look like Northwestern does an official waitlist.
  5. +1. Only two people have claimed official rejections so far, so I think the majority of us who applied to Northwestern are still waiting. They said they would hopefully have all decisions out by yesterday...but clearly not. Sigh.
  6. I think that depends on the funding situation and your career goals. Back in 2009 I turned down a funded PhD from UCONN to get my Master's at Georgetown, so a very similar situation. But at that time I was happy to pursue a foreign policy career, and the MPP from Georgetown opened all of the doors I needed. I managed to get what was at the time my dream job, but I also wound up with over $100,000 in student loan debt that I'm still paying off. So I think the biggest question is if you really want to go straight into academia and are therefore going to try and get the PhD as soon as you are don
  7. Right! After finishing an interview with one of my top choices today, I spent the rest of the afternoon listing the variables I could isolate to help decide which program would be best for me (i.e. department and advisor fit, collegiality, access to outdoor and social activities, financial support/stability, etc), ranking each variable by importance, and then ranking each school for each variable, and then finally weighting the variables accordingly and coming up with a final sum for each school. I'm clearly obsessing a little bit and just want to know what my final choices are so I can obsess
  8. Srsly. I'm not even sure Northwestern is my first choice anymore, I just want to know for certain so I can cross it off the list and move on with my decision making!
  9. Yeah I was wondering if their comment of wrapping up the process "within the next three days" on Wednesday meant three days including Wednesday, which would be today, or three days from Wednesday, which could be Saturday or Monday depending on if they meant business days... I clearly haven't been obsessing over this
  10. Thanks, I totally missed this answer somehow!!
  11. Hi there! I am interviewing this week for Notre Dame's joint PhD in Political Science and Peace studies and I was originally concerned about the same thing. I talked to many people, to include professors, very candidly before applying and what I've gleaned is that while the main university is rather conservative, the political science department and the Kroc, Kellogg, and Kenough institutes are a bastion of liberal and progressives values and ideas. I've definitely gotten that sense during my interviews, as I am particularly interested in feminist and critical peace studies. South Bend itself
  12. UCI has given those they have sent current offers to until Monday to let the school know if they plan to attend the virtual visit day (i.e. if they are still interested in the offer or definitely planning to turn it down). I can't be sure of this, but I would suspect they will wait at least until Monday to see if they get a lot of people turn the initial offer down before they send out rejections/waitlists/more offers. So maybe there is still some hope?
  13. Also a T25 is nothing to be embarrassed about! That's still a great program! And you won't find much difference in your career between say a T15 and T25 PhD, especially not if you are a good scholar and publish.
  14. Congrats! Can I ask where you got the information that it was only a 1% acceptances rate? They usually have an 11% acceptance rate.
  15. Yeah when I realized Columbia and MN weren't taking applicants this year I almost considered waiting until next year to apply, but after speaking with the POI at Northwestern and some others I realized there is no guarantee it is going to get easier in the coming years and it might actually get progressively harder. But hey, maybe some unis won't change their cohort size! Only time will tell!
  16. I was told by my POI at Northwestern back in November that there was a good chance they and many other programs would have smaller cohort sizes going forward as PhD programs are having to come to terms with changing realities.
  17. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! You definitely only need one!
  18. Is anyone else getting ads from schools in their email? I keep getting ads from Northwestern, I'm sure because it is all I talk about these days, and every time one pops up I almost have a heart attack...until I realize it is just an ad and not a decision email. Le sigh.
  19. I feel like a stipend for a master's is highly unlikely, but maybe someone else managed that? You can probably find a paying internship, though, once you are in the program (depending on your location, of course). I did manage to get funding to cover almost my entire MPP tuition at Georgetown, but had to take out student loans for most of my living expenses. They didn't offer me any funding at first, but I had another offer so I went back and negotiated. The funding for master's programs is DEFINITELY negotiable, so maybe apply to more than one place so you can then have a stronger negotiation
  20. I am genuinely hoping that everyone on here get's an offer this year, but if any of you don't just know you are not alone. A lot of us on here have been through more than one cycle. I applied for only 5 programs (all top ten) back in 2017, and while I knew it was a risk I thought I had a baller CV, great score, and a master's from a top school - so I was genuinely crushed when I didn't get in anywhere. But I took the opportunity to work on my academic/researcher creds and to REALLY think about what I wanted out of a PhD. This time around I focused on fit above rankings and had a much clearer v
  21. I don't know about UCSD's MPP, but I got my MPP from Georgetown and it was great. It is a HIGHLY marketable degree.
  22. Northwestern confirmed to someone on this forum last week that they haven't send any results out yet, and that they hope to do so by Feb 15th. I am still keeping my fingers cross for this week, but it sounds like given the high number of applicants this year it is possible we might have to wait another week or week and a half. I'm anxiously waiting as well, IR subfield.
  23. Hang in there! It is the second cycle for me too, and a lot of other people here from what I've seen. I'm sure you are exhausted but it is very early in the decisions process and I will think happy thoughts for you!
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