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  1. I honestly don’t think I ever got an email with the log in credentials or anything but I did apply to UoT for my undergrad (but I didn’t end up going there). My account is the same though from when I did apply in undergrad! Sorry that’s probably not super helpful haha
  2. You should have a UoT account, currently I’m a UoG student and I was still able to log into my UoT account, which is where I originally found I got accepted. Either way though, I did get official acceptance letters on my admissions portal for both the MACSE program and the MT program.
  3. Yes! I just accepted my offer of admission to the MACSE program but I was also admitted into MT for p/j so theoretically there would be a spot in the MT program
  4. Hey! I submitted everything before the November 16th deadline, I can’t specifically remember what date though
  5. haha I am also online! I'm pretty sure I am going to accept the MACSE program!
  6. the admission deposit showed up on my acorn account this morning though!
  7. Hey! I literally just got accepted today haha. My average is 86%, and my experience is pretty diverse including childcare centres, camp counselling, peer mentoring, nannying, teaching dance/gymnastics
  8. Hey! I also got accepted to both programs. Are you going to the MACSE welcome reception tonight?
  9. I’m not a current student, but I have my JoinId so I can log into my acorn account, and I have a $300 deposit for the MACSE program
  10. I only got the unofficial offer, but it did show up on my acorn account so I’m thinking it’ll be on the admissions portal sometime this week!
  11. Soooo my undergrad (it’s an ece designation program) focused a lot on learning theory and then putting that into practice, specifically around children and their development. I really like the way that it was structured and felt like it was a really effective learning style for me and I feel like the MACSE program is structured similarly! Alsoo I’m not 100% sure that I want to teach forever, I am potentially interested in doing more school after specifically related to child development and so I feel like the MACSE is a better fit for me!!!!
  12. Thank youuu!!! I would definitely choose the MACSE, it was my first choice on my application!!!!
  13. I’m not sure if it was a glitch or not, I know that’s what they’re saying buuut I applied to both the MACSE and the MT p/j and right now the MACSE is showing up on my acorn account with the $300 deposit and I did get admitted (even though it’s not on my admissions portal yet, I got an email letting me know that I was admitted). I do not however see anything about the MT program, nor did I ever. Not really sure what that means though
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