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  1. I have written an email to them but still got their template reply........sigh......
  2. Hey Guys! not very faniliar with initiating posts on gradcafe so hope I could express myself clearly. I applied for mpp this year and got feedbacks from three universities until now. UCSD GPS (no funding information now) vs USC Sol Price (half tuition); Georgetown (no financial aid) As an international student, my information regarding these schools may be limited and to some extent biased. Therefore I'm interetsed in knowing your suggestions or thoughts regarding the general reputation and job placement outcomes of the three schools to help me make a choice. My inter
  3. I'm fresh graduate with psychology major~ Hope we could both got good news soon~
  4. Cooooool!When did u get the notification? Btw what's your background? (I still got nothing。。。sad
  5. I have applied mpp in Lee Kuan Yew School 2021. I would like to know if anyway had any feedback? Especially about interview. Previously they started to send out invitation at mid-feburary.
  6. A separate email to confirm the review status? I don't know why I received nothing😂
  7. Thank you for your information!
  8. Anyone received interview invitation?(for second round)Thanks.
  9. Also want to know the answers. I applied on Jan 15th. No response until now. But normally the interview has already begun.
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